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More than 5300 flats due to reach MOP this year

This article explores the East Region and Central Region where more than 5,300 flats are estimated to obtain their MOP this year. They comprise 728 …

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Tenant not paying rent; landlord sued, but lost. What Happened

Before you read further, the Court’s recent decision in Leow Ban Hong v Eng Wei Guang, Brendon Joshua1 (the “Case”) is specific to the facts AND NOT: (1) …

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What Is The Decoupling Strategy?

If you have been keeping up with real estate talk, you will probably have heard the term “decoupling” when in comes to residential property investment. …

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Rising interest rates a cause for concern?

We have all seen in 2021, an amazing year for sellers as we saw property prices hitting new peaks. A pent-up buying demand caused by …

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Can your HBD flat safeguard your retirement?

Today we will take a look at the HDB market to find out what are your options as an HDB owner and if your flat …

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Free hold or leasehold?

Dear readers,   A very prevalent question among many property buyers in today’s market is whether it is better to purchase a freehold (FH) or …

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Is Your HDB Really An Asset?

Is your HDB really an asset in the long run? It’s worrying to hold that thought, that you can cash out on your flat when …

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Sell High & Buy High Will This Still Make You a Profit ?

Sell High & Buy High Will This Still Make You a Profit ? Oftentimes when sellers are advised of the ideal time to sell their …

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Uncertainties in 2022 & Beyond

FACING A FLUID INDUSTRY Many key issues surround us all the time with varying degrees of effects on our lives and the world around us. …

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Crucial Facts All First-Time Buyers Need to know

As first-time property buyers, there are many things we may fear. Most people lack the necessary experience in buying & selling properties so it may …

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Fact or fiction Sell 1 Buy 2 Strategy can it still work?

When you first hear of this “selling one and buying two properties” strategy, which is usually pitched to property upgraders, many a times the first …

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4 Things You Wished You Knew About East Coast

Join me as I reveal why D15 is a highly desirable highly popular district in Singapore!   1. Transaction Data 2. Appeal 3. Transformation 4. …

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Why is District 15 among the most sought-after places to live?

Stats shows that 1 in 3 Singaporeans intend to buy a property in Singapore’s one and only recognized coastal beach district. From 2007 to 2010, …

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Risk of CPF Accrued Interests & How it will affect you

What is CPF Accrued Interest actually and how can it curtail your HDB cash proceeds? In my years of experience meeting up numerous parties and …

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We Sell To Take Profit And Multiply Our Wealth

Many people are good at identifying properties to buy but they are not willing to sell. They either grow attached or are contented with the …

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