With an income of $7K onwards, many home owners have UPGRADED to private properties without paying extra cash from their own pocket.

Do you wish to be like them?

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Have you ever asked yourself..

Can I really upgrade?

Can I afford the monthly installments?

Am I maximising my only asset to leave behind a legacy and not a liability?


In fact, you are not alone. I have many clients coming to me with the same concerns. However, with my meticulous financial planning and step-by-step Asset Progression Strategies, they have since upgraded comfortably and are clear about their investment road map for the next 5 to 10 years.

Can you also be like them?

They are one step closer to achieving the lifestyle of their dreams


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Case Study #1 – HDB

Mr and Mrs Loh were owners of a 4 room HDB flat. Their plan was for me to help sell their HDB and buy a resale Executive Maisonette.

But after some detailed financial calculations, they learnt a better way to build their assets and grow their wealth in the long term.

They have since upgraded to a Condominium without using any of their savings, and even had a healthy reserve funds of $150,000! With a clear asset progression road map planned for them, they are even thinking of investing in a second property next year.

Case Study #2 – Condominium

My clients, Eric & Kelly, both with a combined income of $10k, sought my advice for selling their older 2 bedroom condominium and buying a bigger 3 bedroom condominium.

However, analysing their financials made me realize that they could achieve more than that. Today they own a 3 bedroom condo AND a 1 bedroom apartment with a balance of $200k cash.

In fact, they are now paying lesser than they would have if they had just upgraded from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom condominium due to their passive income collected from the rental!


If you are like most Singapore HDB Owners today, you are probably servicing your HDB loan using your CPF.

And you might be thinking that it is best to pay off the loan as soon as possible to lower your monthly mortgage.

You need to know how to use your CPF CORRECTLY & EFFICIENTLY!


  • ELEVATE your property into your Savings Plan
  • SAVE As You Earn
  • GENERATE passive income with minimal financial commitments
  • MAINTAIN a healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days
  • BUILD Wealth for a secure & prosperous early retirement


However, many clients assume that certain types of property are out of their reach due to concerns like age, income, etc. They are limiting themselves; for there are solutions around every problem.

Some clients have already missed their chance and wished I was there to advise them years ago.

Will You Want To Have The Same Regrets When You Look Back On Your Lives 5 To 10 Years Down The Road?

Hi, I’m Jeremy Tan.

As a real estate professional, I strongly believe that it is essential to have the right planning prior to any property purchase.

Over the years of serving homeowners like you, I realised that many of them are held back by wrong misconceptions and miss out on huge opportunities to embark on their asset progression journey. Having walked that journey myself, I can safely say I have seen it benefited me and my family. I take great satisfaction in my career when I know I am able to share my experiences and help my clients benefit through proper asset planning, witnessing the transformation of their lives and laying a financially secure foundation for their loved ones.

What Some Of My Clients Say…

My wife and I had always wanted to move to a private property but as regular people holding office jobs, we thought that we could never afford it. Until we met Jeremy through his Facebook ad. We sat through his 1-1 session and he gave an in-depth analysis of our current house situation. We realized that we were not making good use of our money that was sitting in our HDB. He gave us a different perspective and showed us that it was possible for us to own NOT ONLY ONE BUT TWO properties and with a healthy cash savings as well!

We felt very assured and executed his restructuring plan. Today we are proud owners of 2 private properties. I want to thank Jeremy for his professionalism & honesty throughout this journey of making our dreams into reality.

Wee family

Jeremy went through with us detailed financial calculations and proved to us that we could actually own two condos without even touching out savings! Our reserve CPF funds can withstand the installments for a good 9 years.

We never imagined that it was possible. His strategies of asset progression, predictable and systematic methods were indeed an eye opener for us.

Thanks to his sound plan, we have sold our 25 year old condo and now we are proud owners of a lovely new condo unit in an upcoming estate and a single bedder investment unit in the central region that is giving us passive rental income. We would definitely recommend Jeremy to our family & friends.

Mr & Mrs Suchayono